Is there really a right age to invest in land? This is a question that has crossed many people’s minds and they all get different answers to this question.

However, I would like you who are reading this to know is that there’s no right age to invest in land. The sooner you invest, the better your investment gets.

This is because we all understand that the value of land appreciates with time, and if say you acquire your property at the age of 18 and keep it for 10 years, by the time you are 28 years old its value will have grown 10 fold or even more. Now this is a good investment.

Anyone can own land in Kenya including children and this provided in the laws governing land in our country.

Section 47 of the Land Registration Act, 2012 provides that a child can officially be registered as a land owner, an apartment or house owner. This kind of registration will enable the interests of the child (Minor) to be held in trust under the name of a guardian.

What this means is that regardless of age, anyone can own a piece of land. You can gift your children land which will be registered in their names under the care of a parent or guardian and when they attain the age of 18, you can have the land fully under their name and here they can choose what to do with it.

Those who want sell and invest in other things can do it while those who would want to keep the land can still do.

So, why wait for the right time to invest in land? This is the right time, make that bold move today and become a land owner.

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