In Kenya, investing in land is considered one of the few businesses with guaranteed maximum returns because the price is always going, thanks to the market demand brought about by population increase. People are basically looking for spaces to build homes and expand their businesses and what this means is that your property will always find use, and this means you getting paid.

As people go about the business of purchasing property, one of the biggest obstacles they face is having the finances to acquire the properties they want and to make it worse, the prices keep going higher with time.

Let’s explore ways in which one can work around the financing challenge when ready to invest;


One of the easiest and most direct is choosing to use your savings to invest in the property you want. This however, means that you need to have saved over a period of time, or you will need t start saving for a period of time to achieve the required target.

Joint ventures

You can choose to get into a joint venture with investors who have money and are looking for an investment that can give returns or pulling resources together with your friends or family members to invest in property.

Bank loan

You can get one of the many commercial banks to loan you the amount need to make the transaction successful. With this, you may have to put the property you are investing in as security for the loan.

Seller financing

You can come to an agreement with the seller of the property to have you pay for the property over a period of time before assuming full ownership. Here will need a deposit, usually around 30 percent the cost of the property.


Saccos give the best forms of loans this is because the only security needed is your savings and guarantors to back you up. These institutions give loans of up to three times your savings.

The above are just some of the few ways one can be able to finance an investment that is of interest to them.

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